About Us

UK Estates was specifically set up to provide consultancy, assistance and professional support to foreign companies or individuals, who would like to invest in real estate in promising UK cities. Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds are cities with huge potential and offer the opportunity for an ideal investment to those who want to invest in properties abroad at very logical prices with good yields in a safe environment. UK offers the ideal diversification to foreigners who want to include in their portfolio a safe property investment in a select location in one of the strongest European economies.

UK Estates has created a OneStopShop in which people who are interested to invest in UK will have a full range of professional services under the umbrella of UK Estates. There is no need to waste any time trying to find a suitable accountant or a trustworthy lawyer to facilitate your purchase. We have done this research for you.

UK Estates has come to agreements with reputable lawyers, accountants, developers, estate agents and management companies so as to offer services (in English, Russian and Greek) to people who would like to invest in UK properties. Our direct relation and on-going communication with some of UK’s biggest real estate companies ensures that we are always in a position to give information and provide access to some of UK’s best projects as soon as they are in the market.